Three platforms. One elevated experience.

BASE is an innovative new vibration cancelling platform. BASE platforms eliminate spurious vibration from your Hi-Fi components allowing you to realise their true performance. With BASE platforms you’ll experience new levels of depth, detail and emotional engagement with your music. BASE is an essential Hi-Fi component, it is not a tuning or isolation accessory.

Mozart once said, ‘Music is not in the notes, but the silence between’. His words sum-up BASE perfectly. Listen to BASE with any music or any equipment and you’ll hear instruments, voices, ambience and intricate details painted perfectly on an invisible ‘ink-black’ canvas.

BASE is a new division of Spendor. Based at Spendor’s new loudspeaker cabinet manufacturing facility at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Sheffield where neighbours include Rolls Royce, Boeing, Sheffield University and McLaren.

BASE is 100% designed and manufactured in the UK and incorporates Spendor UK patented ‘BASE BEAM’ vibration cancellation technology.

Vibration control platforms.

Vibration is everywhere. Any audio component with electronics, cables or moving parts generates spurious noise and vibration. Digital music streamers, DACs and servers are literally ‘buzzing’ with mechanical noise. Vibration is transmitted through the air from your loudspeakers and structurally into your Hi-Fi equipment. Even at micro-levels, it has a devastating detrimental effect on sound quality. It adds a fuzzy background, unnatural harshness, muddy bass and it distorts delicate detail and dynamics. Your brain works hard to hear past this, but it can’t. Regardless of equipment, price, music or listening room you begin to disengage. Although you hear the notes, you don’t experience the full depth, detail and emotion which is at the heart of all live or recorded music and voice performance.

Place any audio component on a BASE platform and spurious vibration is transferred into a system of rigid, non-resonant, low-mass, alloy composite panels, four independent highly constrained polymer damping layers, and our BASE energy cancelling beam assemblies. Vibration is forced to flow into the damping where it causes molecular movement. Due to the unique chemical composition of the polymers any motion is resisted by massive inter-molecular frictional forces which are generated as individual molecules attempt to move against each other. This frictional energy is (by nature) dissipated into a tiny amount of harmless heat. The process is instant, inaudible and irreversible, it works evenly at all audio frequencies and vibration intensities. The vibration is gone forever.

BASE platforms deliver a dramatic and clearly audible sound improvement across the whole music spectrum. They are equally effective with digital and analogue equipment, solid state and tube, headphone amplifiers, CD players and turntables.

BASE platforms are bi-directional. Any vibration which enters the platform from a shelf, furniture, or other means, is also forced to travel through the multi-layer structure and eliminated.

BASE platforms work on any reasonably level stable surface and they require no set-up. You get all the benefits of BASE with almost any support including crafted designer or period cabinets, simple inexpensive flat-pack furniture, wall shelving, AV units and most Hi-Fi equipment racks.


BASE platforms are available in three convenient sizes. B350 (350mm wide), B430 (430 mm wide) and B475 (475 mm wide). Overall height is 33mm, visual height is a slim 19mm. Each platform has an attractive ultra-matt black, soft-touch, solid-surface top with a nano-technology coating which is finger mark resistant, and self-repairing in the event of minor scuffing. Each slim elegant frame is machined and hand-crafted from solid natural Walnut, Oak, Cherry or BASE Blue. An all-black BASE is also available.

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