Three platforms. One elevated experience.

Using our patented technology, BASE platforms absorb these stray vibrations, cleaning up the sound for enhanced performance and reduced listening fatigue. With their sleek, contemporary design and exemplary craftsmanship, they’re stylish yet unobtrusive – a simple, practical addition to your system that will transform how you hear your music collection.


BASE platforms use a patented system, combining beams, absorbing materials and rigid structures. They allow your equipment to ‘float’, isolating it from vibrations that travel through the air, the shelf, the floor or any other surface it’s standing on. So whether you’re playing your music through hifi separates, or an all in one system, BASE platforms make the sound more musical, more natural and less tiring to listen to. They’re particularly effective for source components with moving parts, such as turntables, CD players and CD transports.

Vibration control platforms.

Unwanted vibrations are the enemy of high-quality audio. You won’t hear or feel them, but they’re always present; in the air, the ground and the electronic components themselves. These tiny vibrations interfere with the signals from your equipment, reducing the overall performance. They can show up as over-bright treble, thinned-out bass, a narrower soundstage and less focused stereo imaging. The result is a less immersive, less realistic and less captivating experience than you should be enjoying.

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